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Springtime in the Rockies of Northwestern Colorado. The pictures below are typical scenes from Meeker Colorado and the White River Valley.

Brown trout caught & released in the White River.  He may be waiting for you and your fly rod! A herd of longhorn cattle watch as we float down the White River

Sheep on the roadFrom the desert to high mountains for summer pasture Sheep through MeekerPeruvian sheepherders traveling Meeker's main highway.

Bald Eagles nest  in the area and are seen all year A VERY nice Rainbow Trout caught & released on the White River.

Museum CalfAnother unique sight at the White River Museum. Downtown MeekerEarly morning light in downtown Meeker.

This Rocky Mountain Elk calls Northwest Colorado home! What a way to pack in! Young people's group going on a 2 week summer adventure.

Here are a couple more Elk that have escaped the hunters for several years! Scenic Byway PaintingBeautiful "painting" along the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway.

Additional Wildlife pictures from Northwest Colorado

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